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Thank You so Much,Β  Hal

The Journey Begins!




After Months and Months of Pouring over Playlist on Google, and the help of countless individuals; some, I can indeed, call them, my friends!

First! The “Journey”…

Four years ago, Mother’s day, 2014.

I was having a rather heated discussion with my recently deceased father and my mother… it feels so wrong, and it pains me to go on any further, without honoring my Father, and my Best friend, growing up as a young man. LTF Dad! Believe me, when I say… there will be much more praise for this robust and selfless Man, throughout my stories; which BTW… I am so PROUD to be HIS namesake! Thanks, Dad!

The Journey! Well! Where should I begin? I will say this. Soon you will know all about the journey, as I catch you up to this point in time… and the rest? You’ll be right along side of me!

Where to? You ask? Great question! I hope you get as excited, nervous, afraid, consoled, hopeful, and blessed… as you see what an AWESOME God, can, and will do in your lives, as well as He IS doing in mine! I am going to catch you up…then take you on the journey, which is what He’s confirmed in many, many ways; through countless individuals, and miraculous circumstances, I’ve yet to tell ANYONE…until now! Including the Individual; Artist/Singer, whose songs inspired the Screenplay I’m honored to be called out to write for the Film, coming out, in…

FALL 2021… “Love IS Stronger”

I am putting it out there. NOW!Β  Because I believe it NOW! I believe it more than anything in my life; save, knowing, I will someday leave this hurtful world, and live with HIM;

in ETERNITY……………….

He has put it in my spirit, to give HOPE to this hurting, and dying world. The hope I had all but lost; until that night, Mothers Day 2014. The only thing I may NEVER tell, in this incredible story of Hope, due only, for the lack of words in the human language…is what He accomplished in my Soul, those first two nights… back in 2014!

Pray for me!, as I will you! God Knows who you are. Whether you believe in him or not, he DOES believe, in YOU…..

This is my first Blog… I’m new at all of this! But, I believe… He will NEVER send you anywhere, nor give you the passion, to do anything… that He won’t equip you with, and for…

It’s after midnight here, and I don’t want to melt, or turn into something… never-mind… I’ll get some rest now! Lol.

Good Night!


8 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I can’t WAIT till the next time you are taking me on the next leg of your journey!
    It seems like you have an awesome life story 2 tell, and I hope MY STORY, will be in your FILM!
    I KNOW you are going to relate MANY people’s minds and hearts, along with their life’s STORY, helping OTHERS who are struggling with the same things that many people in the world need answers to. If ONLY they could learn that they are NOT ALONE!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hal, I am so blest with knowing you and knowing you better every time I read! You indeed have such love to share through Him that gives it!
    I was asked a question and it took some time to honestly answer it and thin down my answers.
    The question was-if you could speak to just one person in your life, with whom would you speak. I had to ponder.. I was very young and abortion was just legalized and ‘talked up.’ I had an abortion and it broke my heart. I decided I wanted to share with my baby, my sin and that only Christ could forgive what I did to this child. In His grace He has allowed me to save other babies with my story. Isn’t God grand!! Be blest dear friend

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Romona. Romona.
      I don’t KNOW what to say, and THAT is rare! 😁
      I love you, Sweet, Dear, FRIEND!

      You have ALWAYS been there for me, JUST WHEN, He KNEW that I needed love, and encouragement! He is using YOU in a MIGHTY way Romona!
      And I”thank God, in EVERY remembrance of YOU!”…
      Stay Safe. Stay by my side… I ALREADY KNOW that you have my 6!!!
      God Bless you and yours…

      You’ll see that sweet Baby Soon!
      I say “soon”, because, as you already KNOW… ” …our lives, are but a ‘vapor’. ”
      I love you, sweet LADYπŸ‘ΌπŸ’™ πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


      1. I love you with that Agape love we share! I have put your blog on facebook, but wasn’t crazy over sharing it with my name-I guess God knows what He’s doing!
        You make me a happy camper when I hear the joy in you!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Well Romona, I’ve gotten my pup tent UP and I have the s’mores ready for you to come over to my fire, eat S’mores, and be Happy campers together with Him in the middle of it!


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